Most sales people can hardly wait to tell a new prospect all they know about their products and services. From the moment they first meet the prospect their minds are racing to tell their story.

The most important part of any presentation is to ask the appropriate questions to identify the prospects true needs. To present our product to a prospect before we understand their needs is equivalent to giving “CPR” to a person who has fainted. Once we have identified the prospects needs we are then in a position to present our products as a solution to their problem. When the sales person presents his product as a solution to a problem, he will also be building a strong relationship with the prospect.

Having a product that the prospect may or may not have a need for, or sometime in the future might consider, is the method most sales people use. To present your product as a very specific solution to a very real need (expressed by the prospect) gives you a position of strength. People are more interested in how problems can be solved than they are in just knowing about products and services.

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