You have frequently heard the statement, “the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line.”  That statement is also true with regards to pursuing a career in sales.  The “straight line effect” is a function of establishing focus and direction in your life.  Focus is not the process of developing a one-track mind intent on doing just one thing at the expense of everything else in the shortest time possible.  Rather, focus is an undeviating coarse of action, over time, that will ultimately lead to the achievement of your objective.

Focus requires that you are traveling in the right direction to achieve your objective and once your direction has been established, focus will allow you to more narrowly define your course.  Focus becomes an unwavering beacon or sentinel to keep you on course amidst the many distractions of life.  An analysis of most people’s lives would indicate that they travel through life without direction doing those things that seem appropriate at the time.  They choose between events and opportunities that arise from their wanderings instead of determining a course of action ahead of time.  Instead of focusing on what they want to achieve in life, they are content to deal with the unguided events of a life without direction.  For these people, life is like a leaf blowing in the wind.  The leaf goes wherever the wind blows, without the ability to determine its own direction or fate. 
Salespeople have the ability to choose their own level of success by establishing direction and focus within their sales activities.  Daily effort focused on your anticipate results will allow you to experience regular progress toward your objectives.  Being busy and just doing “stuff” are only excuses for not applying a focused approach to the achievement of your dreams.  When you are focused, you are aware of the impact that time, activity and money have on reaching your goals.  When you are focused, you can look beyond distractions and obstacles that ensnare those without a definite purpose.
Here is a list of ten benefits of establishing focus in your sales career.
1.     You will bee firm and resolute in your actions.
2.     You will make correct choices and stick with them.
3.     You won’t waste motion and will align all your effort to reach your objectives.
4.     You will decide the type of lifestyle you want to live and then sell to make it happen.
5.     You won’t be misguided by random events.
6.     Your sales activities will become a means to an end.
7.     You’ll focus your activities on what you want to achieve and won’t alter your course of action.
8.     You’ll experience greater happiness in your day-to-day activities.
9.     You will find purpose in your life.

You will achieve more success than you ever thought possible.

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