If you really want to improve your sales skills and increase your income, conduct a self-evaluation. Most salespeople go through their entire career doing the same thing over and over again, not really knowing the value of their performance. They may actually be better than they thought, or believe they are good when they are not. The evaluation process is similar to going to the doctor. The doctor will give you an examination, a series of tests and procedures that will indicate with fairly precise accuracy, your physical well-being.

When was the last time you conducted a personal sales examination? If you don’t know your condition, how will you ever improve? And that, my fellow salespeople is the point of this article. If you don’t know your sales well-being, then how will you know if you need to improve, and if so, what to improve on.

Make a point every day to perform a personal diagnostic evaluation. Evaluate every aspect of your activities and your performance in each area of the sales process. Begin with the basics and then move through the more difficult and complicated activities. Don’t skip any steps or activities. Make a list of all the activities and skills you use in your daily schedule. Once you have completed your list, give yourself a grade for each area. Any level of performance less than an “A,” should be scheduled for an evaluation. Be honest with yourself. If an area needs improvement, make a note and then think of things you can do to improve. Be specific and write down each suggestion for immediate and future reference. Make notes of those things you do very well and commit to doing them more often if needed.

Self-improvement is a constant evaluation of what works and what doesn’t and then doing those things consistently that will improve your performance. Outline exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve the desired result. Remember, nothing is impossible even though it may seem difficult. Committing yourself to a regular program of improvement will be the best guarantee you could possibly have against unemployment. Excellent salespeople are in constant demand, even in challenging economic conditions. You will be able to write your own ticket for success. Companies are constantly looking for top talent and will make a hiring decision when the right salesperson comes along. Guaranteed employment is one of the perks for top performing salespeople. They are recession proof, age proof, and performance proof.

Know your strengths and your weaknesses as well as those areas where you have passion to improve. After a few short weeks, you will sense improvement that will motivate you to be consistent in your efforts. The day will come when your improved skills will enable sales to become easier and more natural. A regular routine of self-evaluation and improvement focus will be your answer to enhanced performance, improved attitude and greater wealth.


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