Successful sales and marketing people find out what the prospects need and then present their products and service as a solution to their need. Are we asking questions? Are we being observant? Are we listening? Selling is 100% about meeting the prospect’s needs! If you have any other agenda, your success will be minimal.

Buyer’s are interested in only one thing, and that one thing is “what’s important to me.” Find the answer to that question and the rest of the sales process is easy. Too many sales people assume that prospect needs their product. They lead the conversation by telling the prospect what their product will do for them. They talk about the features and benefits and then expect the prospect to buy it.

Sales and marketing success can be found in this simple four-step formula:

  1. Build rapport by asking questions about the prospect and encouraging them to talk about themselves.
  2. Ask questions about their specific needs and problems that might be solved using your products and services. Don’t start presenting until the prospect has revealed all of their needs or problems.
  3. Present your product as a solution to the needs they have presented. If your product is not the right solution, tell them so, and move on.
  4. Encourage them to talk about how they feel your product will solve their problems. It is critical to have them talk about and envision your product as a solution to their needs.

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