Telling isn’t selling. If this statement is true, then what is selling? Selling is providing a solution to a problem that the prospect has revealed. The very best way to know the problem is to ask. Selling then is comprised of effective questioning and powerful listening.

In a sales presentation the sales person should only do about thirty percent of the talking and seventy percent of the listening. With each point made about your product or service, ask for the prospects response. Use phrases like, how does that sound? Will that work for you? Can you see the value in that? What do you think? With each question we are soliciting their response and creating a dialogue. When we are discussing the solution with the prospect we are moving comfortably towards the sale.

When a sales person tells a prospect anything, the prospect is evaluating the validity or truthfulness of that statement. When the sales person uses a question to encourage the prospect to reveal what he would have otherwise told the prospect, the prospect believes what he has said and the sales person does not have to sell the prospect on that point.

Practice this principle and watch your sales increase!

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