The successful sales process suggests that the prospect remembers what we say and processes that information when making a decision to buy. Communication is 7% what we say (the words), 38% how we say it (the emotion), and 55% visual (what they see). Don’t forget to add the sizzle to your communications by using emotion and by creating a visual dimension. On average visual aids will raise the overall retention level from 28% to 55%. When people are physically involved with your product such as a demonstration, or holding it and using it, their retention level increases to a whopping 72%.

Our visual appearance to the prospect is as important as the product itself. The way we appear to the prospect can in and of itself determine if a sale will be made.

Follow these five principles and your sales are guaranteed to increase:

  1. Create emotion with the words you speak.
  2. Use visual aids in your presentations.
  3. Always get the prospect physically involved.
  4. Use demonstrations whenever possible.
  5. Always dress appropriately.

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