The very best next source for new sales is with an existing customer.  That existing customer can also produce the second best source of new sales and that is through referrals.  A referral from a happy, satisfied customer will keep you from consuming large amounts of time making cold calls.  Cold calls can produce sales, but not at the same time and effort ratio of referrals.  I have listed below, the six-step referral process we teach all of our clients at The Business Performance Group.  It takes time, requires precision, and cannot be short cut if you are going to use it to your ultimate sales success.  Every aspect of this system works in concert with every other step of the process.  Use this system with my blessing to achieve your ultimate sales success.

Step 1:  Make a written list of every happy and satisfied customer you have ever sold to.  Visit with each one of them either in person or on the phone and ask them if they would be willing to help you.  Explain that the way you make your income and support your family is by selling products and services to companies like theirs.  Explain the way you grow your sales is through a referral system, and that all of your satisfied customers participate in the system.

Step 2:  Explain that the system is simple, non-threatening and very successful.  It is based on sending a letter to the people they will refer to you.  This letter will introduce you, your company and products to them.  It will be brief, only a couple of paragraphs.  In your letter, you will ask for a few minutes of their time and mention that you will call to schedule an appointment within a couple of days.  (If they are local, schedule a personal visit.  If they are out of the area, tell them you will schedule a convenient time to talk on the phone.)

Step 3:  At the bottom of your letter of introduction will be a short note from your satisfied customer recommending you to them.  You will write the note of recommendation and show it to your satisfied customer and ask them if they like it.  If not, have them make changes.  An example of the note might say something like this:

I have been working with (your name) for some time.  He has provided us with excellent products and service.  He has been a real joy to work with and has benefited our company greatly.  When (your name) calls, do yourself and me a favor and schedule a few minutes to meet with him.  It will be one of the most profitable meetings you will have had in some time.
Personal regards,
(Referrer’s name)

Step 4: Ask your satisfied customer for the names of five people they know personally, who might have need for the products and services you sell.  These people need to be in a position of authority to make a purchasing decision, or at least influence the decision.

Step 5:  Make a list of referrals, with their name, title, company, phone number, address, and email address.  Send the introduction letter and follow up within a couple of days of the time you believe they will receive it.  If you let too much time go by without following up with a phone call, your success will drop off dramatically.

Step 6:  When you meet with, or present your products and services to the new prospect that has been referred to you using this system, mention to them that the way they were referred to you is part of a system.  Tell them the system is very successful, and is the process you use to grow your book of business.  Ask the new prospect if they would be willing to give you referrals if and when they become a satisfied customer.  They will typically say yes.  Don’t bring the subject up again until they become a satisfied customer.  When that time comes, remind them of their prior commitment and ask for five referrals and start the process all over again.

If you are disciplined using this system, within a few months it will become your most effective source of new customers and your sales will have improved significantly.

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