We have all seen the advertisements for books offering Ninety-nine Tricks to Making Every Sale, or One Hundred Ways to Close Every Deal. Well, there are no tricks in professional sales! But there is one sure way to make all the sales possible and that way is by simply following the sales process and effectively applying the steps. You can’t ‘short-cut” the process and still be successful. Here are the steps:

1. Build Rapport – Spend time with each prospect to get to know them. People buy from people they believe, like and trust. Always to thinking RELATIONSHIP. A few moments of building relationships at the beginning of a sales meeting is far more effective than hours of time building relationships at the end.

2. Assess Needs – Generally people buy to meet needs. We must know what their needs are so we can present our products and services as a solution to their needs. We should encourage the prospect to be very specific in defining their needs.

3. Offer Solutions – Once we understand specifically the needs wants and desires of the prospect, we should be prepared to offer solutions to their needs. What we can give them a specific solution to a specific need we have a much greater likelihood of making the sale.

4. Remind them of the Benefits – All sales are emotional. We must remind the prospect of those “hot points” and benefits they expressed during the presentation. Focus on WIIFM (what’s in it for me). If the product or service can be directly focused on benefiting the buyer, the sale is more likely to be made.

5. Resolve their Concerns – No one will typically make a purchase if they have objections or concerns about the product. Ask for their concerns. Get them all out on the table. Work to resolve each one of their concerns.

6. Ask for the Sale – If we have successfully implemented the first five steps of the process, the prospect will often ask to buy. If they don’t ask us, then we need to ask them. Never assume if they wanted to buy that they will ask. Always ask. If the answer is no, then go back and clarify each step of the process.

Effectively selling your prospect is much easier than you think. Instead of learning 99 ways to close every sale, follow the six steps process and watch your sales grow.

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