There are three main saboteurs to a sales person’s success First, the fear of failure. Second, complacency or the desire to retire before it is time. Third, an inadequate level of belief. Let’s discuss each one briefly and learn how to stand-up to their influence and conquer their effects.

A person’s fear of failure reduces their desire to take action, which promotes the temptation to quit, which in turn reduces the likelihood of failure. Successful people are those who never quit. Success is found not in never falling, but in rising each time you fall. Failures are caused by doing those things that don’t work. Discover those things that work and then do them consistently.

Complacency, or the desire to retire is brought on by experiencing a false sense success. When people become complacent in their sales activities they become bored. What is the solution? Constantly set realistic and achievable goals. Push yourself a little harder and challenge yourself to discover what is humanly possible.

Inadequate belief causes a person not to take action. Create a vision within yourself and see your accomplishments in your mind. Once you can envision success you will work to physically achieve that success. Discover what you believe is possible and then challenge yourself to accomplish it.

When you can stand up to these three saboteurs and deal with them head-on you will absolutely increase the level of your sales success.

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