Sales is a process not an event. When sales people follow the steps of the sales process they will find greater success. When a prospect postpones the buying decision or uses the terms “maybe” or “not now”, we must go back to basics and re-qualify the buyer. Never shortcut the process and never assume that they will buy. Here are the steps of qualifying a prospective buyer:

  1. Are they the decision maker? Ask – “Who besides yourself will be responsible for making the decision to buy?”
  2. Clarify that they have a budget for, or the ability to pay. They must have money or access to money to buy your products. Window shoppers don’t buy without money!
  3. Determine their time frame for needing the product or service. Remember, find out when they need it to determine when they will need to buy it.
  4. Discover their true motivation. What are their needs, wants and desires. Make sure you are offering the right solution for their specific need.
  5. Clarify the prospects concerns regarding your product. No one will buy if they have unanswered questions or concerns. Get their concerns out on the table and resolve them.

Use these qualifying techniques and watch your sales increase.

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