Salespeople are the face of their products and services as well as the voice of their company.  You are possibly the first thing that the customer sees and the last thing they hear regarding your company and products.  Ask yourself this question, “Do my words and actions represent my products and company in a true and honest manner?”  Here are five ideas that will help you convey the right message.

1.     Dress Appropriately – Long before you ever open your mouth, the prospect is evaluating you.  They are making judgments concerning your product based on your personal appearance.  You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Fortunately or unfortunately, that first impression is often based on appearance.  Since you are the face of your products, spend the necessary time to package yourself in an appealing manner.  People judge a book by its cover and products by their packaging.  Wrap yourself appropriately to represent both product and company.
2.     Be Honest – Integrity in both your words and actions is far more important than you may imagine.  People are generally trusting in nature, but once scorned, you may never earn back the trust.  You bear the burden of truth and trust regarding your products, services and the company.  In a sense, you are an outward expression of every employee, of every product, of every asset and every image one might have relating to your company.  The buck stops here – with you – you are it!  Whatever you say or do or act is the company.  You can’t minimize your influence and neither will the customer.  Be true, factual and honest in all your dealings with your customers and prospects.  Every employee and family that depends on the sale of the products and services of the company would want you to represent them with honesty and integrity.
3.     Under Promise and Over Deliver – You have all heard someone talk about a great movie they have seen or a fabulous restaurant where they have eaten.  They talked it up to the point that you felt compelled to go and then based on all they said, you were under impressed with the result.  In the sales process you can create a similar over inflated expectation with an under inflated experience.  Leave some of the excitement for an unexpected surprise.  Allow the customer the opportunity to discover unexpected features and benefits.  When you deliver what the customer expects you are only doing your job.  When you provide something beyond their expectation you are a hero.  The world of sales needs more heroes.
4. Focus On Their Needs – Selling really isn’t about you, it is all about the customer.  People need to feel important and you can provide that opportunity through your words and actions.  When the customer feels good about you, they are subconsciously feeling positive about your company and products.  The very best way to create a favorable attitude with a customer is to focus your attention on them by helping them solve their problems.  After all, in their mind, they are the most important person in the entire world.  Treat them that way and they will reciprocate by accepting your product and company as the very best. 
5.  Become A Boy Scout Of Sales – The Boy Scout Law states that a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.  I can’t think of any of those characteristics that wouldn’t apply to a salesperson.  You are the face and the voice of your company.  If you personally personified all of those traits, in the mind of your customers and contacts, you would represent the greatest company in the world, while providing the very best products and services available in the market place.  Work diligently to incorporate the twelve principles of the scout law into your sales culture and you will experience greater sales success through a loyal customer base.  I can’t think of a company that wouldn’t want to be represented by the face and voice of a boy scout.

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