If you want to become the greatest sales person in the world you need to apply the same principles he applied. Let me tell you about Joe Girard.

In his fifteen-year new car sales career, Joe Girard sold 13, 001 cars. He holds the Guinness World Record for being the world’s greatest salesman. In 1973 he sold 1,425 cars and in one month sold 174 cars, most new car sales people are lucky to sell four or five cars per month. How did he do it? He loved his customers. His thoughts and activities were focused on his customers, not himself. In telling his story he said, “when you bought a car from me you didn’t just get a car, you got me!”

He would do anything and everything to take care of his customers. He claimed that he would rather take care of an existing customer than sell another car. His focus was on his customers. People want to be treated well and to feel that someone really cares about them. When it came to customer service he would instantly take care of his customers. He would always tell his customers how much he appreciated them and then he would treat them with appreciation and respect. People returned the love that Joe showed them by returning year after year to buy cars from him, and by referring their friends and families to him.

People buy from people they believe, like and trust. Joe Girard proved this statement correct. He told his customers that he loved them and then treated them that way. Their needs became the focus of his attention, not his own needs. Follow the example of the greatest sales person in the world, and you too will become the greatest sales person.

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