Jun 042008

Many salespeople have a difficult time with one of the most logical steps in the sales process – asking for the decision. Studies suggest that in 63% of sales presentations the sales person doesn’t ask for the sale. The sales person assumes that the prospect will ask to buy if they are interested. Asking for the sale is the logical conclusion of the prior steps of the sales process.
These prior steps are (1) Build Rapport (2) Assess Needs (3) Present Solutions.

Asking is as simple as saying:

“May we get started?”
“Did you want to order a case or take advantage of our five case discounts?”
“Let’s get the paperwork out of the way now. Shall we?”
“Will you want to include this special package of services as well?”
“What do you think?”

Prospects expect you to ask them for their business. If you are timid or afraid to ask for the sale, they will rarely purchase your products or services. When we fail to ask for the business we lose the buying momentum created in every selling situation. The longer the time period between your presentation and the request for action, the greater the chance of losing the business altogether. Closing is both logical and easy, when you follow the consultative sales process.

A polished attorney never asks, “Do you think this is the correct approach:” or “Should we take this deposition?”
A professional accountant never says, “Do these figures look right to you?”
We expect a professional to say, “Here is what you need to do”. Remember, that you are also a professional. As sales professional, you need to develop the mind set that your prospects have respect for your ability as a “professional” to make a sound presentation on your company’s, products or service and assume that they will act on what you have discussed – just like other professionals.

Always ask for the business and your sales will increase significantly!!

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