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How Strong Are Your Sales?


How many employees require training?

Who in your organization manages sales?

Do your salespeople spend more time than necessary hanging around the office?

Are you totally satisfied with the performance of your sales people?

Are your salespeople held accountable for their sales performance (daily activity, sales numbers) on a weekly basis?

Do your sales meetings include the training of specific sales skills and principles that will help your people reach their goals?

When was the last time you provided any substantive sales training for your salespeople?

Do you have the time and are you providing the correct environment for the success of your salespeople?

Do your salespeople practice effective time management and get the most out of each day?

Are your salespeople effective in establishing and achieving their sales goals on a regular basis?

Do you and your sales department have a clear understanding of what is humanly possible to achieve, relating to the sales of your products and/or services?

Select one area of improvement you would like to achieve within your sales department.



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