Client Development

A happy satisfied customer is your very best salesperson. The Business Performance Group will give your customers the tools to increase their sales, which in turn will increase your sales. Getting the most out of your existing customer network is the most effective way to maximize your bottom line. This is less costly and more efficient than seeking out new customers.

The Business Performance Group invites you to host a monthly training session for your customers. These workshops can take place at your place of business or at a convenient off-site location. We offer twelve monthly training sessions with each session lasting for three hours. Training materials for each participant include: a binder, course workbooks, weekly supplemental booklets, handouts and forms.

To help you promote this program to your clients, we will provide you with co-branded marketing materials which will promote interest and awareness among your clients. With your permission, we will use your logo on items such as brochures, postcards and flyers which you can use to invite and remind your clients of the upcoming workshops and to help them see the value of their attendance.

We are committed to making this experience a great one for you and each of your customers. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is a key to your success. Every happy satisfied customer could and should be selling your product. Lets help them do it.


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