I’m in Hawaii this week with thirty-seven of my clients and staff, all of whom have earned a ten day luxury vacation because they reached their sales goals.  My clients generated $2.5 million dollars in new profit margin that represents about $10 million more in sales than they generated the year before.  For every dollar their employers spent on training, they got back $27 dollars in new profit margin.  Training should never be considered a cost, but rather an investment that will generate a great return.

We have spent the past several days on the beaches, and the mountains of Kauai having the time of our lives.  With several more days until we return, I’m just going to savor the rewards of a job well done.  At the same time, I’m going to ponder the reasons they are tasting the sweet joy found only through sales success.  I don’t measure success in terms of money earned, but rather, the true enjoyment found in using that money for those things that will provide joy and happiness.  All the hard work and focused effort during the past twelve months has been worth it.

Each salesperson with their spouse traveling with us this week has achieved greater success this past year through goals setting.  They have realized increased performance through daily planning and organization.  They have consistently and effectively used the hours of each day to proactively accomplish their own agenda instead of reactively dealing with the shallow demands of others.   They have prioritized their own activities, and tactfully assessed the needs and demands of customers and management.  These clients comprehend the four quadrants of time and work diligently to focus specifically on those things that are important but not urgent, giving them the peace of mind that quietly and firmly spells success.

These clients enjoying ten days in paradise, spent time each day and each week finding new opportunities.  They effectively assess prospect’s needs and present the very best solutions.  These salespeople know how to “romance the sale.”  They constantly provide materials that will help in the decision making process.  They understand the value in “being there” when the purchasing decision is made allowing their influence to become part of the decision making process.  These salespeople effectively monitor customer satisfaction and engage their “happy satisfied customers” in the referral process through introductions and letters of recommendation.  The sales training and coaching clients of The Business Performance Groups, who are enjoying the fruits of their labors while vacationing in Hawaii this week, are professionals in every sense of the word.  Their commission checks and life style are proof positive.

Here are just a few of the rewards enjoyed by our sales people in Kauai this week:  Gorgeous waterfalls, the majesty of Waimea Canyon, miles of pristine beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, Na Pali Coast at sunset, swinging from a rope and dropping into a deep pond at the base of Kipu Falls, hiking mountain trails to discover beautiful sights beyond description, soaking up rays on white sand beaches, cooling off with shave ice, savoring the juicy taste of an Hawaiian BBQ, breath taking sunsets and sunrises over the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the satisfaction of knowing that this fabulous vacation and many more in the future are the result of their skills and consistent sales effort.

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