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Isaac Newton, in his First Law of Motion, concluded: An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it and An object that is in motion will not change its velocity unless an external force acts upon it. My vast experience in selling, managing sales people and training the principles of selling has taught me two fundamental truths which relate very closely to Newton’s First Law of Motion.

First, if a salesperson doesn’t get off his or her butt and do something, nothing will happen and no sales will be made.  According to Newton, an object that is at rest will stay at rest until an external force acts upon it.  In the case of a salesperson, you must create an internal force or motivation to put yourself in motion.  This internal force can be found in discovering a purpose in your life great enough to cause you to do those things you don’t want to do, but by doing them you will find success in selling.  Selling is an emotional experience, both for the salesperson and the buyer.  Concentrate on what you want in life and you will be more likely to do those unpleasant sales activities that stand between you and your dreams.

Second, if a salesperson will take action and consistently apply sales principles and skills on a daily basis, sales will flow continuously and uninterrupted until you stop taking action.  Work each day at finding new opportunities and you will always have enough prospects to reach your sales goals.  Most of my clients exceed their monthly sales goals due to their consistent daily prospecting habits.  Several clients have had their best sales month ever, in a month they went on vacation.  Knowing they would be out of their sales arena for a week or two, they put forth an even more consistent effort prior to leaving on vacation and the sales just kept flowing, uninterrupted, even while they were gone.

It is much easier to stay in motion than to get into motion.  It will take some effort to get you going and getting yourself out of the comfort of the office.  Remember, sales are made when you are in the presence of prospective buyers.  Waiting for the phone to ring will never be the answer to more sales.  Get yourself going and doing and applying the principles and skills of salesmanship.  Give yourself a motivating challenge and dream of achieving your purpose.  Once you have created the habit of putting yourself in motion and finding yourself involved in doing sales related activities on a regular basis, it will take less effort to maintain your motion.  Sales will come with greater frequency, heightened satisfaction and substantial financial rewards.

Selling really is a lot like physics.  The principle of motion is just as true for the salesperson as for the physicist.  Put yourself in motion, maintain your activity and then appreciate the plain and simple truth that a salesperson in motion stays in motion unless they are acted upon by an external force.  Don’t stop!  Enjoy the rewards of being in motion.


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