Effective Time Management Is Essential For Business Success

Planning and scheduling time to sell is the most important activity in which a small business can be engaged. There are more things to be done each day than there is time to do them. Does that sound familiar? You are not alone! Sales and marketing often take a back seat to the urgent activities [...]

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Our Prospects Don’t Want To Be Sold

Prospects don’t want to be sold. They want to buy. We all feel the pressure when a sales person approaches us. We want to avoid him because we know that he is going to put the “sales pitch” on us. Sure, we are looking to possibly make a purchase, but we don’t want someone selling [...]

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Current Customers Are The Answer To Increasing Sales

Current clients are the very best source of new sales opportunities. Always be looking for new opportunities within your current customer base. Remind them of the good solutions you have provided them in solving their problems and then ask if there is anything else you can help them with. Set a goal to find one [...]

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